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Howdy everyone!

   For starters my name is Jacquelyn. I discovered my passion for photography as a kid, if you don't believe me just ask my little sister who I had pose multiple times in front of a door with a sheet over it. Lets see what else...

Photography isn't my only career, I also do HVAC during the week partnering with my hard working mom.  Its kinda funny, my parents and grandparents were all wedding photographers. I'm happy to say my talented family members sometimes join me for a shoot!

I started my professional shooting adventure in 2008!  You share your wedding style and I shoot according to your taste! Your wedding day is meant to be sit back, relax and occasionally laugh at my nerdy ways.  Don't be afraid to ask if I travel for weddings! I love to travel! I look forward to adding awesome memories for you! 

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